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Content Management

What is Content Management?

Content management systems offer companies the potential to automate their website and Intranet content creation and updating. 


This removes these tasks from specialised groups with technical skills, whether that be your in-house team of developers and designers or your external web design company. 


Using content management software means there is no need to pay web designers or pay the costs of in-house teams to update your pages with changes to content.

The opportunities for companies are based around savings in time and administration. This releases your technical team to do what they should be doing technically, and empowers your business users with the ability to add what they believe the business content should be.


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More Information

There are some low cost Content Management packages that allow you to change your website without going through a web designer. But, by preference, you should ensure your Web developer provides you with a simple content management tool.


For more information CMSWatch, and Content Wire are independent sources of information, analysis, and reports about web content management solutions while Content Manager has a very comprehensive listing of CM vendors.


Also see the TechWatch article and the other at Cultivate - both refer to academic systems but cover the area very well.

Finally, you can download the factsheet "Content Management" or visit the home of the "Content Management Bible" for more help.



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