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Web Design Advice

Search their archive of tips, questions, and answers using keywords. Or choose a category to browse questions and answers as well as relevant tips and how-tos. If you are still stumped then submit your question to the worldwide computing community by posting to usenet newsgroups. As an alternative go to their Builder.com site for more serious Web building help. Truly the experts.

Web Developer's Journal
An easy to read UK Web magazine with a site that includes tips on Web page design, HTML, graphics, Web audio, Internet business, e-commerce, Web development tools, Java, Javascript and CGI. Like any good magazine there are also reviews, tutorials and discussion groups.

Cybersavvy UK
Another British website letting you into tricks of the website design trade. The site also offers advice on all aspects of web pr, online promotion and website marketing plus Internet tips and tricks for new users.

Jakob Nielsen is a recognised guru of Web marketing and design. At useit.com, Nielsen mixes good writing on Web usability, usability engineering, design and his famous minimalist approach to Web quality. 

This site is actually maintained by the USA National Cancer Institute for improving health and patient-related Web sites. However, the information provided is excellent for any website designer from the basic to the sophisticated.

Web Design for Business

Despite the ponderous title, this excellent website from UK's Design Council is a valuable tool to help small and medium sized businesses manage the process of designing a web presence. It is especially good for advice on writing the design brief and on finding the right web developer.

Advice on how to build a web site on your own or using online website builders from the Romanian company with the British website. Excellent down-to-earth suggestions for the DIY designer.

Top quality answers, references, links and a superb directory of the answers to all kinds of IT tech questions in this site.

Windows Users Group Network
WUGNET, founded in 1988, and launched officially on CompuServe in 1989, is the oldest and largest independent online organization supporting the Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, and NT (including Windows 2000) environments. The site provides technical support in the areas of Windows operating systems, Internet, email, shareware, hardware, games and software development.

SiteCritique gives you the chance to submit your Web site for criticism. The site is a community of webmasters, designers and developers that review each other's projects. Rankings are given to all sites submitted and compared against the community. You have to join to review or submit a site for review, but the membership is free.

Web Design Tutorials

Carmen Mardiros Design

A UK web designer with some excellent advice on how to build a web site on your own and on using online website builders - great tips.

eSocrates.com is a distance learning and corporate training company, with a heavy emphasis on learning how to use the Internet. eSocrates specialises in academic courseware platforms and custom training solutions.

Boogie Jack's HTML Tutorials
From a beginners guide for making your first web page to outlining an entire site, then on to individual tutorials that expand your knowledge and skills. As Boogie Jack says himself:: "you'll find my tutorials easy to use and learn from. If not, send me a dollar and apologize. Gosh darn it, anyway."

Lynda.com - web design training
This is a homepage for Web designers and publishers. Lynda concentrates on good design with some excellent tips and ideas. Have a look at her hues page to see what Web colours are around.

.net magazine
The home page of .net magazine, which claims to be the UK's best-selling Internet magazine. Free software to download, Internet lifestyle and web building features and tutorials online. A veritable cornucopia of web design resources.

A good selection of material including an HTML tutorial, javascript tutorial, tips, tricks, and links to numerous web design resources and other html tutorial sites. Helps you to design your own web site.

Part of the Lycos Network, Webmonkey is a good web developer's resource. Its full of guides, articles, tutorials and how-tos for the webmasters out there. Its fun and well written too.

Internet how to in plain English - so says Webnovice. A good mixture of how-tos, tips and tricks and tutorials along with a substantial archive of articles make this a good reference site.

Web Tutorials
The University of California maintains this directory of tutorials and guides to designing in the new media. Includes HTML, Javascript, CGI/Perl and content design.

The key to excellence in website design is Information Architecture and Educorner by Addwise is an interactive tutorial site that provides an interesting Introduction. The tutorial includes readable text, interactive exercises, and useful examples.

Usable Web
More about Information Architecture from Keith Instone. Usable Web is a collection of links (over 1400) about information architecture, human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.

ASP Tutorials
The extraordinarily named ASPHole.com is a centralised source for all ASP Developer's needs. Topics range from free source code and components, to tutorials, reference, and authoring opportunities.

EarthWeb's Javascripts.com website looks like the largest JavaScript repository online, containing over 7000 JavaScripts. Each script available to download free. Follows EarthWeb's philosophy to feature the best code, tutorials, and information for Web developers.

The WebCoder site will teach you JavaScript and Dynamic HTML and give you the power to weave a more interesting Web. Lots of how-tos and tutorials.

Web Design Tools

We are told that, from the husk of the Silicorn Valley (Des Moines, Iowa), Chris Pirillo distributes one of the world's hottest free e-mail newsletters (over 200,000 readers). He covers software, sites, and stuff related to Microsoft Windows and the Internet. The quirky but excellent newsletter includes 32-bit downloads (freeware & shareware), websites, games, media, fonts, updates, patches, themes, tips, tricks, computer news and more for those with Windows.

ZDNet Developer
ZDNet appears a lot in this directory in different guises. There's a good reason. They really know their stuff and they deliver everything really well. This site is full of invaluable coding and design tools and resources for you to download.

Bravenet.com - Free Web Tools for Webmasters

With free guestbooks, message boards, chatrooms, greeting cards, instant messenger, classified ads, email form processing, e-commerce and many more tools and utilities, Bravenet has one of the best selection of free tools for webmasters

Visit this site for free Tools for Webmasters - includes guest book, search engines, promotion, affiliate and associate programs, web hosting, newsletters, sponsors, banner exchanges, pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale programs.

Like ZDNet this website comes from one of the consummate professionals - the wonderfully named Internet.com. They appear with many sites through the directory because they deserve to. NewApps is full of downloadable applications, tools and other Internet utilities for the Webmaster in your life.

This is an alternative Internet.com download site for comprehensive file listings, free software downloads, expert ratings, and extensive software reviews for the best Windows applications.
CWSApps prides itself on offering the most up-to-date information for new software releases, which means if an app has been updated, you'll always find information on it - and a download.

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site
NetMechanic claims to be the largest independent provider of Web site tools. They provide an integrated suite of low cost site maintenance services for small businesses on the Web. The tools are designed to be an expert system for detecting problems and repairing your Web site. They check and repair html code tags, find broken links, and check spelling.

Microsoft bCentral

This large Microsoft site has lots of free utilities to check your website, as well as tools, information and resources designed to improve your businesses' bottom line.


A great online toolkit to help verify and improve the reliability of enterprise Web applications. WebKing provides a wide variety of tools and testing techniques that thoroughly exercise Web applications to prevent and expose both server-side and client-side errors.

Webmaster Lynx
This is a webmaster resource supersite covering code advice, free code and support in HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl and ASP.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus
A privately owned international data-security software-development company headquartered in Cambridge (UK), Kaspersky concentrates its efforts on the development, marketing, and distribution of cutting-edge anti-virus and data-security technologies and computer software. Kaspersky also provides free online security-related Internet information services.

Mal's Ecommerce

This British site offers free ecommerce - a full featured shopping cart with access to all the important features that are required to start selling goods and services on the internet. There is also a more sophisticate paid version, the Premium account.


This North American site claims it is the simplest and easiest way to build your online retail store. There are no complicated templates or burdensome installations to complete. You may even qualify for a free ecommerce shop.

Merchant Site

Merchant Site is a collection of articles, information, resources and tools put together by UK online store owners, designers & e-commerce consultants for the benefit of other UK online store owners.

Word Counter
This useful site just does what it says, it ranks the most frequently used words in any given body of text. Use this to see what words you overuse, or maybe just to find some keywords from a document. Paste in any text and get immediate word frequency feedback. Really helpful when you are putting together website text.

Tiny URL
This simple but clever website allows you to paste a long URL into TinyURL's entry field. One click and you have a small, manageable URL that redirects to the longer address you entered.

Dynamic Drive
For really handy design tricks and tips for Web and Intranet sites try Dynamic Drive. This website offers a range of free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site. All scripts use the latest in JavaScript and DHTML technology.

There are a few free web tools for webmasters and web developers on this site. Tools include a message board system, polls, surveys, guest books, counters, your own search engine, free email, website promotion, web search and various other free tools.

PC Doctor
PC Doc Pro is a registry fix-it tool that allows you to repair PC problems instantly with one click of your mouse.

GIF Wizard!
One really useful site, GIF Wizard provides real time image editing and compression based on user line speed and device type through a Content Delivery Network. Tools include resize, crop, rotate, color adjust and compress. Daily Q/A reports for broken links and bloated graphics. A free website analysis helps you to reduce the size of GIFs, JPGs and BMPs up to 90% without sacrificing quality. 

ButtonMaker is a neat little service form MediaBuilder. It allows you to create free buttons for your web pages. ButtonMaker can turn any GIF image into a nicely beveled button. It even works on animated GIFs. And, best of all, it is free - along with a range of other valuable Web tools.

ZSPC Super Color Chart
This Japanese website includes a simple but valuable guide to Web colours and how they appear. You select the text and background colours and the chart shows you the result.

What U Seek
WhatUseek claim to have search-enabled close to 200,000 small to medium sized Web sites, providing their visitors with enhanced site navigation through search. Good site search engines were previously too complicated and cost-prohibitive to provide for many small and medium sized websites. WhatUseek say they can provide affordable site search and reporting infrastructure in minutes.

Tucows - Software
This is a vast software, music, themes and games download site. Tucows claims over 45,000 software titles for download including freeware, shareware, demos, e-mail tools, html tools, Internet software, multimedia software, network software, online services, security software, server software, and utilities.

Jumbo Free & Shareware
Jumbo is one of the best websites for free Mp3 files, computer games, desktop themes, screen saver and the latest computer software. Jumbo will probably satisfy all your computer software needs - at least for freeware and shareware.

More excellent freeware, aimed at Windows users. The website selects the best available freeware in eight categories ranging from business to systems and security. Pricelessware features a truly comprehensive set of links to quality freeware.

Free Webmaster Tools
A Webmaster's directory of free tools to help build, promote and maintain websites. Includes over 1000 free website tools such as website graphics, Perl/CGI, java, DHTML, HTML, logos, utilities, promotion, visual basic, music, editors, tutorials, VRML, online tools, websites and much more.

Free Site Builder
This British site is a user-friendly location for Web advice and tool links. The wealth of free goodies includes programs, links to sites that have free graphics or software, pointers to handy tools, addresses of ezines and newsletters that will help you, links to forums and message boards where you can ask the experts, as well as tutorials and links to tutorials on other sites.

This UK-based business offers micro-site technology for the small business market. Even the smallest business can afford a strong Internet presence with their easy to use web site building program.

This service delivers free application services to an existing web site. Offering users everything from a message board or auction site to your own custom polls and forms.  Get your own search engine, search-enable your web site, or increase your site's interactivity. There is no software to install and, best of all, it's free.

from the superb ZDNet stable, Updates.com is a free service for updating your PC. The site looks at thousands of web sites for updates to software, games, and hardware drivers to offer a complete and up-to-date list of updates. The site even has an automated tool that searches your computer and presents you with a customized list of software needing updates.

This site claims to be the world's leading provider of software bug fixes. Each month they provide in-depth analysis, commentary and over 300 new software bug fixes from top vendors, including Microsoft, Netscape, Novell, Lotus, Apple, Adobe, Red hat, and Sun Microsystems. Between monthly issues, they also deliver up-to-the-minute bug alerts.

This site is part of the TechTracker Support Network, a resource for Windows software support information. Their goal is to help you keep your PC up-to-date and running smoothly. They also make it easy to discover new software you never knew about, from games to high end networking tools.

Art and Animations

Clip Art Review
This website is a guide to free graphics on the Web, including: icons, clipart, backgrounds, textures, animated gifs, buttons, bars, lines, rules, bullets, clip art.

MediaBuilder: Animation Factory
On this site you'll find a free animated gif library of over 30,000 original animations and designs for use on web pages, email and presentations. The site also contains other tools including a free banner maker, a button maker and a 3D text maker.

Hundreds of strange and wonderful images and concepts in Photoshop, Javascript, and DHTML offered to the enthusiast by the improbably named Swedish developed Doc Thaddeus Ozone. A quirky but fascinating site.

This site offers some of the Net's best clipart, font, photo and web graphic links, ranked by traffic and quality. With over 1,500 original free clipart images and graphics, sorted in over 125 categories.

Corbis Images
Corbis sells traditionally licensed and royalty-free stock photography. Here you can search, preview, download comps and purchase from their collection of 1.4 million images rights-protected images.

Royalty-Free Stock Fotos

Foto Search Stock Photography allows you to search and purchase from more than fifty quality stock photography vendors at one site. You can find the perfect photo very quickly and save a lot of time.

Probably the world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols, Symbols.com contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics.

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