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Search Engine Advice

Search Engine Watch
Danny Sullivan is the guru of the how and why of search engines. His website, Search Engine Watch, is the authoritative guide to searching, Internet search engines and search engine registration and ranking issues. Read him to understand better how to submit URLs, use HTML meta tags and boost placement.

Bruce Clay
Bruce, like Danny Sullivan, knows just about everything about search engines. However, his site has a broader appeal, covering Web promotion and Internet strategy also. Full of Free "how to" information, advice, products, tools, links, and services offered for those planning to build, optimise, and promote their own website.

Search Positioning
More good advice but at Search Positioning it is mixed in with a sales pitch for a number of useful tools for search engine positioning. Like PositionWeaver, an HTML doorway page generator for Windows. Or WebPosition Gold that automatically keeps track of your rankings on all major search engines.

Search Engine Marketing Guide
Search engine friendly design, optimisation and submission tutorial featuring tips, advice and information on link popularity, workarounds and other online marketing options.

Internet Search Engine Database
This site provides information on directories and search engines, as well as articles and news. It offers a guide to search engines and directories along with search engine submission, list of top and major Internet search engines, internet search engines articles, and search engine news.

Web Search Workshop
This specialist marketing company is "dedicated to achieving successful search engine rankings for UK business websites". They will charge you but they have a refreshing outlook. As they rightly say, there are no more than 10 top search engines or directories that really count in terms of web traffic. They focus on these and on UK-specific search tools that may help your web traffic.

New Media Solutions
This website provides a range of UK search engine marketing, UK website optimisation and UK website promotion. New Media Solutions offers a complete website promotion service that targets high search engine rankings with safe and proven methods.

Finding Search Engines

The InvisibleWeb
Everyone has their favourite Search Engine. We're not going to tell you which to use. However, there are some unusual engines out there that might prove useful. Like this site - a directory of over 10,000 databases, archives, and search engines that contain information that traditional search engines have been unable to access. InvisibleWeb.com claims it can take you to these invisible sources.
It is also a more precise and directed search.

Beaucoup - A Search Engine for Search Engines
Beaucoup is different because the engines and directories listed on the main site (all but the category "Shopping") are what Webmaster Teri calls "free information" sites - that is, they offer up a *lot* of information, not simply lists of commercial products or services. More than 2,000 search engines, indices and directories organised into sensible categories

Search Engine Colossus
Another useful site that helps you to search for the right search engine from among the numerous search engines and directories. This neatly organised International Directory of Search Engines gives you efficient access to hundreds of search engines from around the world

Pay per click search engines
This directory of over 270 Pay per click search engines, or pay for ranking search engines, includes the biggie - overture.com - as well as many you may never have heard of. They are a cost-effective way to attract cheap, targeted website traffic. The directory includes a summary of the strengths of each one.

This is a UK-based shared, interactive, hybrid business directory and search engine. As well as all the usual business categories and company names it allows domain owners to buy a position at the top of the list by key word. Not the same as pay-per-click search engines, but similar. You'll find AskAlex serving Freeserve's iNeed, VirginBiz.net and Dun & Bradstreet amongst others.

Liszt, the mailing list directory
A really big directory of mailing lists (and newsgroups, too). A directory and search engine of mailing lists - the way the Internet started. If there is a mailing list of people interested in you, your company, your product or your point of view, then you'll find it here.

Ezine-Universe - Email Newsletter Directory
Searchable and categorized directory of email newsletters and ezines. Probably the best source for email magazines and newsletters. E-zines, particularly if they cover a relevant topic, may accept both articles and adverts. They may also have good sources of advice for webmasters and developers.

Search Engine Tools


The first element of your search engine tactics is to know where you are. RankMeter is designed to locate website positions in search engines using keywords. You'll get a lot of additional information: how many pages were returned by engine for your keywords, number of pages including your site, your position on the page, list of top URLs. Also, you'll able to generate reports to the Web or a spreadsheet.

Agent Web Ranking
This site allows you to download a freeware tool that analyses a website's search engine position. Includes easy to interpret detail and summary reports of how and where your site ranks among each search engine. Improve your search engines ranks. Count keyword frequency on your web page.

Good Keywords
Visit the Good Keywords website for a Windows software programme for finding the best keywords for your web site pages. This site will show you how to generate the best keywords for your site and give you the software tools to do it. It borrows from GoTo.Com but is still a helpful tool.

It's not a pretty website but Top25Web.com checks the position of your site in Google's search engine (up to the first 50 results that Google provides) across a range of keywords that you select.

Keyword Analyzer Tool
Need help coming up with appropriate keywords to put in your meta tags? This JimTools site checks the major search engines for your keywords, then retrieves each of the top rated pages found and examines their meta tags and page contents to develop a list of words those sites consider important.


Find what people search for - NicheBOT is a keyword suggestion tool to find search term variations and alternatives.

Keyword Counter
The website is really an online tool, the keyword frequency analyser. This allows you to analyse and compare the keyword frequencies of the top twenty words in the body of an html document (e.g. your own web pages) with those of other html pages (e.g. your competitors). Keyword frequency analysis reports can be emailed directly to your inbox or you can see the results online.

Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site. Good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. And many of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of links to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. This free service generates a custom Link Popularity Report, detailing which sites links to your URL.

Search Engine Optimiser

This online search engine optimiser tool is completely free to use and is a great tool for any website designer to improve search engine ranking.

Banana Website Marketing Secrets

Learn how to get top placement on the search engines using ANY keyword.

Search Engine Optimisation Software UK

This site we will provide you with access to a range of the better search engine optimisation software and tools to make your promotion campaigns easier and more efficient. There are many offers on 'best of class' products and access to some of the best search engine optimisation resources on offer.

The premise of this website is that links from other sites are the most popular way that people will find you on the web. They offer to drive traffic to your site "the lazy way". Their proposition is worth the read and you'll get some good reasons for increasing the links into your own site.

Cyberspace - Search Engine Tools
The site has a number of tools but the best is AddWeb. This allows you to submit your website(s) automatically to over 3,000 of search engines and internet directories and rank your site to see how visible you are on the major engines. It is not expensive and it saves a whole lot of time.

The Trellian Software site sells a well-reputed alternative to AddWeb called SubmitWolf PRO. It is an easy to use, professional website promotional tool, which automates the process of promoting your web.


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