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Basics: The Web & Internet Skills

Internet Guides Training and Tutorials How the Internet Works

"Ecommerce Basics"

Basic Internet Guides

About-the-web Internet Guide
The name says it all on this website. Free information about browsers, e-books, e-mail programs, newsgroups, search engines, making money, avoiding scams, creating and promoting web sites. Simple tips for a better web surfing experience. Just about everything you could want to know and plenty of great links to other sites.

The Internet Playpen
The nice people at FuzzyLu MultiMedia say that their site is designed to be a fun and safe place for people who want to know a little bit about the internet and the World Wide Web without having to feel stupid or silly. They don't claim too much - just that this site won't make you an expert but hopefully it will get you off to a good start. Fun design, good material, superb basics.

A beginner's guide to computer and internet help. Wiredguide is a computer help and internet help site. It provides links to the most common computing interests from chat to shareware. They've searched the internet for you and have provided you with links to other web sites that have easy to understand instruction and help to get you surfing with comfort and confidence.

Net Basics
From the good old BBC, Net Basics is here to help you take your first steps to understanding and using the internet. In Britain, the state-owned media giant has done a lot to make the Web accessible to millions. Good for you Beeb.

Internet Development Guides
This set of Internet Development Guides is designed for Australian cultural workers. But the guides are good for anyone, anywhere. There are ten guides. Discover why you should use the Internet, how you might use it, how the Internet works, the future of the Internet, HTML, browsers and URLs, email, file transfer protocol, news groups, discussion and distribution lists and how to develop an Internet presence.

Beginning HTML
The htmlgoodies site offers you free html tutorials from industry expert Dr. Joe Burns. Featuring extensive tutorials on tags, programming, basics, script, frames and more. Their weekly newsletter provides the latest html information and is also free.

How to make a website
From a dotcom named "all about your own website" comes a complete overview of creating websites alternatives from their design and development to hosting, marketing and management. A good starter.

WestCiv Courses
This software consultancy offers a series of free, self-paced web standards training courses for Internet users who want to understand HTML, XHTML or CSS.

Living Internet
A comprehensive Internet information site to make high quality information about the Internet available to as many people around the world as possible This site is currently in use by schools, colleges and universities, libraries, training companies, and consultants around the world to teach people about the Internet. The site is updated weekly, with much of the new information coming from visitors to the site.

EU Electronic Commerce
This site is the European Commission's Internet resource for legal, policy, research, development, trends, and more in e-commerce in Europe. The European Commission's electronic commerce unit provides an up-to-date comprehensive e-commerce information source plus interactive resources so you can communicate with them and with others involved in e-commerce.

Web Server Basics
Find out everything you've ever wondered about Web servers in this comprehensive tutorial that discusses everything from how a Web Server serves content to how to choose a server. Definitely not so basic, but this is great stuff once you know a little bit.

More General Training and Tutorials

Free Training
This site - Freeskills.com - currently hosts over 200 full online training courses - Over 35,000 pages of professionally developed, high quality content pages. A mixture of general computing and Internet training packages. All of this training material can be viewed free online. No user registration is required to enter this site. Great value.

A site with a variety of free computer advice, help, tutorials, and reviews. Help2Go offers free computer advice. Easy to understand, but written by experts in the field. Their Internet guides teach you to be an online pro. And their buyer's guides help you choose the right computer product to buy.

Learn2.com's online courses are subscription-based, multi-media tutorials that are served over the web straight to your desktop. Once you choose and subscribe to a course, you'll have unlimited access to it from any computer with Internet access. In effect, you'll be able to update your skills on your own terms and at your own pace. A mix of courses - plenty of Internet and computer training and great presentation.

Computer Training 2000
Free training and tutorials are always good news and Computer Training 2000 provides free online support for Windows, Internet Explorer, and most of the Office tools, along with tutorials for Word, PowerPoint and FrontPage.

Microsnap, based in Florida, is one of the leaders in providing Microsoft authorised and approved training.
Offers a complete and comprehensive source of certification Cisco, MCSE and Microsoft certification and training.

This directory offers the best free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented Websites on the Net - now with books, videos, web-based online courses, software, magazines and more. WannaLearn has been designed to provide a wide range of users with an effective and efficient means of accessing the best free learning opportunities available on the Web, in virtually every subject and area of interest. So its a lot more than just Web stuff.

ZD University
ZDU offers a wide range of computer classes you take online at your convenience for (US)$7.95 a month or (US)$69.95 a year. This is one of the web's better site for continuing education and personal development. The courses particularly target continuing education and learning as a path to life enhancement and personal growth.

Scott Turton's site is a new, non-profit gateway site to free computer and IT educational and training resources on the web. Includes free courses, tutorials, books, manuals, instruction, guides, course documentation, articles, tips, and notes. Also links to over 1,250 sites.

How the Internet Works

HowStuffWorks - The Internet
This website is chock full of simple explanations about how things work. The chapter about the Internet explains things clearly and uses simple terms. Full of diagrams and really easy to navigate. The only problem is the risk of being diverted by all those quick and easy explanations of things and problems you never understood, like how your toaster works, for example.

Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary
An online computer dictionary and internet search engine for internet terms and technical support. The Internet industry is more packed with jargon and acronyms than you could shake a stick at. Only trouble is you have to look up the meaning of the words in the explanations!

Every File Format in the World
This is a VERY BIG list of file name extension or suffixes that indicate the format or usage of a file and a brief description of that format. The site explains the meaning of that group of two or three letters that go on the end of a file name. In some cases, they link to a definition of the file format or to related information.

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