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Network Solutions
The high priests of domain names, Network Solutions are the original domain name registration and reservation service with variety of internet-related business offerings. They may be quick, dependable and reliable but they are not the cheapest.

Nominet UK is the Registry for .uk Internet Domain Names. As they explain it: "Just as Companies House holds authoritative records for company names, or the DVLA for driving licences, Nominet maintains the database of .uk registered Internet names." Check out your idea for a .uk domain name here and see who got there before you.

These guys probably have the UK's cheapest domain name registration service plus a whole range of other Internet services at exceptionally low prices. They may stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap but they are efficient and thorough too.

Joker - Domain Name Register
Although this is a German-based site, it offers one of the best deals for buying dotcom domain names. One reason it is good value is that you can pay in Euros. Definitely a no-nonsense and no-frills site.

Domain Name Tools

A great tool for generating domain names. The site targets dotcoms but the ideas it comes up with can help anyone, anywhere searching for that elusive domain name. Clever idea, well executed.

Profitable Domain Names
If you don't have a domain name, or maybe you want more, then this site helps you to generate domain names. Enter your keyword and their programme will generate hundreds of domain names based on search terms people use in major search engines. Then they'll check which of them are available for registering. It is designed for dotcoms but the ideas work for any top level domain.

Amnesi: The Domain Name Search Engine
This site helps find DNS names even misspelled and partial names. You can also get information about any domain name and you can trace the route from the different parts of the world to a given host. The reverse look-up tool lets you find information about an Internet host by its IP address.

Company Formation Agents
Own the domain name and the company. For UK visitors this site provides services including; name registration, ready made and off the shelf companies, limited by guarantee as well as the usual domain names.

Here is a useful website that offers the capability to perform searches for domain names using multiple keywords.  It enables you to find every registered domain name in the .com, .net, .org, and .edu zones (sadly not .uk) that contains all of the search terms you enter, anywhere within the domain name itself.  Their database contains over 21 Million Domain Names.

Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer
Rex Swain is a consultant and needed a way to see easily what was going on behind the scenes of various web sites when he clicked in. So, he wrote an "HTTP Viewer" that anyone can use (for free!). It intercepts and displays "everything" that transpires between a browser and any given web page, showing you stuff your browser normally hides.

Web Reference
The WebReference site contains a number of free services for web designers and developers, This link is to their very useful free online DNS (domain name system) services for webmasters. The service includes Whois search and nslookup searches, ping and traceroute.

These are the guys who practically started the World Wide Web and what they don't know about domain names isn't worth knowing. This particular service is a database of over 2 million deleted domain names (mainly dotcoms). This is useful to you both because these names are now available - so you can borrow someone else's original idea - and as a source of ideas and prompts for your own domain. Just enter the keywords that are relevant to you and study pages of results.

Global Domain Names
This site is a database of domain name registries around the world from .ac (Ascension island) to .zm (Zambia). It is useful both to inform you where a website is located from the final two letters in the domain name and in case you want to register a name with one of the many small nations which allow you to use their suffix even if you are located in another country. Perhaps you fancy mydomain.cx or greatsite.tv - well this database tells you whether it is possible and who to ask.

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