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Web Marketing Advice

Web Marketing Info Center
As they say on the site, you'll find links to thousands of on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to on-line resources for business. From its beginning in August 1995, the Web Marketing Info Center has become the most comprehensive Web marketing site of its kind on the Internet. I agree.

Internet Marketing Center
This is Corey Rudl's website. This guru of Internet marketing offers a great monthly newsletter, free tips and strategies for internet marketing, online advertising and website promotion. Marketing Tips services show how businesses advertise on the web to sell and make money. He knows what he's talking about.

Internet.com's E-Commerce/Marketing Channel
As you would expect from these guys, the site is so full of good stuff and excellent links for the ecommerce marketer that your problem is information overload. An excellent location for real-time internet news and resources. Very professional.

Idea Site for Business
Idea site for business is a source of useful advice for creative business people. It contains marketing, sales and other business ideas with an Internet bias. Designed for the consultant, small business owner and entrepreneur.

Hanson Marketing
Hanson is an American marketing consultancy that offers marketing consulting for consulting and technology firms. This excellent site includes good marketing consulting tips, strategies, and techniques for consulting and technology firms. Fight your way through the hype for marketing plans, research, and Internet marketing strategies to build technology and consulting businesses plus a free e-zine.

The Standard
Mainly known for their weekly e-mailed newsmagazine, The Standard claims to define the Internet Economy and to serve today's Internet Business Strategists. The website, TheStandard.com offers good quality research, conferences, events and seminars about the ecommerce.

eTimes is an online publication that explores corporate interactive communications, including web development, CD-ROMs, kiosk design, electronic commerce, and online marketing and training news.

This site features marketing communication information, tips, hints and resources. It includes marketing communications articles and vendor directory. The excellent MarcommWise Knowledge Bank is a source for full text articles on marketing communication topics.

Here you can receive free expert advice, read articles, product reviews, tutorials and industry news to help you grow your online business. The site covers the panoply of website marketing matters.

AIM Professional
The website contains a number of useful marketing articles but it is primarily the home of an email newsletter for webmasters, marketers, and "netrepreneurs". Contains marketing tips, strategies, and secrets for internet marketing, online advertising and website promotion that "will skyrocket your small, medium or home based business profits through the roof." No hype there then.

Customer Relations

Patricia Seybold Group - eBusiness Customer Service
Patricia's philosophy about the Web is that "The really profound difference in this new economy isn't the technology. It's the fact that, for the first time in the history of modern business, companies can cost effectively build and sustain relationships with each customer." Very few know more about online customer service and building relationships than these people.

The site describes itself as a clearing house of objective information about personalisation, the one-to-one nature of the Web. It contains no marketing collateral, no product pitches. The issue is about personalisation - how to deliver value to the customer and to the business using profiles of customers.

Internet Advertising and Banners

One of the giants of Internet advertising, DoubleClick knows a lot about the tricks of the trade, and especially banner advertising. A good directory for general advertising tips, publisher suggestions, industry research data, and helpful Internet mailing lists.

UK Banners is probably the largest UK-based banner exchange network, a free advertising network dedicated to the UK web community. Its used by over 10,000 websites around the country to enable them to increase traffic to their sites , serving in excess of 10 million banners per month.

With over 12,000 members in eighty-eight countries on six continents, I-Advertising claims to be the largest online community of Internet advertising professionals in the world. From this website you can obtain a free subscription to their email forums or search the site for information.

Ad Resource
The Ad Resource site features information on Internet advertising and Web site promotion ideas and resources. These help web publishers understand the WWW, e-mail advertising and attracting visitors to their site. Their Ad Resource Web Primer is a particularly good introduction to Internet advertising.

The Ad Stop
This excellent portal covers internet advertising, target marketing and online advertising for agencies, advertisers, marketers and web site owners. A very rich directory of web marketing links.

1Second - Free Classifieds
Another resource for finding many websites where you can place a free classified ad is here at1Second. Just beware of the number of unsolicited emails you'll get once you start placing your adverts.

Affiliate Programmes

UK Affiliates
Most affiliate programmes are American. This is an opportunity to join what they claim to be "the UK's largest affiliate marketing network". Whether you are a merchant or affiliate, here you can start selling UK products to your UK audience.


As the leading European provider of affiliate sales solutions, TradeDoubler offers a broad range of options and packages to merchants and associates alike.

Other Major Affiliate Programmes
The big ones tend to be biased towards websites in North America. They include Commission Junction, or the increasingly popular Be Free. You don't have to select just one. Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate, surf around and see what they can do for you.

Yahoo! Webring
A webring is a group of interconnected websites with a common theme. Joining a ring gives you access to an online community, increases traffic and improves links into your web pages. This site helps you to find and join a ring or to create a new one.

Marketing Tools

Word of Net
Word of Net is the leading provider of online visibility measurement. Visibility reflects a company's aggregate web presence. Word of Net offers a range of Internet visibility measurement services to leading Internet advertisers, advertising agencies, media companies, technology companies and financial institutions. Try their free Visibility Index for your site and see how well you score.

Easy Responder

The autoresponder is a webmaster's lifesaver, an automatic sales team to help increase your online business profits and decrease your workload. With Easy Responder Professional you can start your own free or paid auto responder service have it up and running fast. This AutoResponse service is packed with advanced features and is continually being updated.

AWeber Systems - Autoresponders
If your website is successful it will generate lots of orders and other email correspondence. Dealing with it automatically on a 24 by 7 basis is the job of software called an autoresponder. The AWeber site offers autoresponder technology that delivers instant information then follows up with your prospects automatically at preset intervals. The site explains the process well in the hope that you'll buy.

Get response - Autoresponders
An alternative autoresponder offer from Get response. The proposition is described as "Innovative autoresponder technology that automatically follow ups with your customers making you money while you sleep." There is a free version available.

The Counter
This site offers free website statistics including daily in-depth traffic reports. The service will track number of visitors (unique and total), referrers, browser popularity, screen resolution, operating system, and more. You need only add a few lines of HTML to your existing web pages. This comes with no ads or logo foisted onto your page.

Your Mailing List Provider

This website offers you a free, professional yet easy-to-use mailing list to set up a newsletter for your site. Make your e-mail marketing more effective.

Just as in the offline world, personal referrals are the best way to attract high-quality, targeted visitors to your website. This free website service can generate more visitors to your website. Installing Recommend-It gives your website visitors will have an easy way to tell their friends about your site.

Email Smartz

Full tutorial showing how to create targeted email lists with Email Smartz mailing list software. Free downloads of email spider, email tarantula, and email managers.

Some smart ideas on electronic stationery. The eletterhead will ensure that a businesses offline brand values are consistent with their online communications. Further electronic stationery products include the elink, eswitch, eresponder, etemplate and ebanners all designed to take your companies brand into the electronic environment.


Nua Internet Surveys
This Irish website has picked up a considerable reputation for the quality of its research and its site. An important source of information about the Internet on the Internet, it contains digests of all the important research reports and demographic surveys from the major research companies.

OpiStat is a European Research Institute whose goal is to understand consumer needs and opinions better. OpiStat measures Internet usage anonymously and surveys participants according to their profiles and online habits. Participants in the survey program are rewarded with free award winning anti-virus software, Norman Virus Control, which includes free continuous updates and e-mail support.

This site, from the ever professional Internet.com, is an excellent source for Internet statistics, market research, demographics and surveys. You can find statistics on e-commerce, Internet advertising, and online populations from a variety of sources in one place.

Media Metrix
Media Matrix are a source of accurate, reliable and timely data on consumer behaviour and trends on the Internet and digital media. Using panels of people across North America and Europe, they report everything their panel members do online, page by page, click by click, second by second. Particularly good on the markets in UK and Europe.

A website which offers a good range of Internet marketing news and views as well as good summaries of current Web market research. eMarketer aggregates information from leading sources worldwide.

Press & Public Relations

The Care and Feeding of The Press
Written by members of the Internet Press Guild who are frustrated dealing with PR professionals. The authors do their best, in this long document, to explain what works for the press and what doesn't.

News Center - Effective Press Releases
This page gives you some good and free lessons in PR. The 10 elements of an effective press release comes with tips to help you get your release positively covered. Each of the 10 elements links to an explanation, which in turn contain links to examples and to other resources.

Once you have written your press release, you'll be looking for a press release service to send it out to interested journalists. That's where NewsBureau can help you, at a price of course.

This site is a dynamic directory of UK and global public relations resources - so now you know who to call..

Internet Media Fax
An alternative site for custom news distribution and targeted publicity. Claims you can send your news release right to the editor's fax machines immediately - online 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world for only 25 cents per page.

Press Dispensary

UK-based press release writing and distribution service that offers a streamlined method of delivering announcements to your chosen target audiences at low cost. With agency fees typically standing at around 5K/month, Press Dispensary claims it can help you convey your message in a professional manner, without breaking the bank.

PR Web
Another website to help with your PR. This is an online press release distribution and PR Portal with additional web and business promotion advice and articles.

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